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Transforming women since 1961.

At Holy Child, our community allows our girls to explore the world of possibilities and challenge themselves to grow academically, socially, and spiritually as it is an incredibly rewarding and transformative experience. A sense of belonging and support empowers our students to take risks, try new things, and develop the confidence they need to succeed in college and beyond. 

Catherine Albornoz

Catherine Albornoz
Class of 1998
Head of Mission & Campus Minister

Jennifer-NeToi Claiborne

Head of Equity, Inclusion, & Community

Julie Connelly

Julie Connelly
Head of Upper School

Meghan Cross

Head of Enrollment Management

Danielle DeWitt

Head of Development

Shannon Gomez

Head of School

Tishuana Hodge

Head of Human Resources, People & Culture

Kimberlie Hogan

Head of Middle School

Nicole Iadarola

Class of 2002
Head of Academic Support

Mary Beth Levie

Head of Communications

Anne Metz

Head of Finance & Operations

Kaitlyn Valis

Head of Innovations & Academic Strategy


Jess Bieligk '00
Kelly Bingel, P '22
Leland Bishop, P '21, '23 
Dr. Jim Cherry, P '27 
Dory Clark, P '23 
Giselle Colavita ‘96 
Brandy Corcoran Carlson, P '23, '24 
Fran Cox, P '24
John Delaney, P '25  
Stephanie Joyce Farrell '79 
Dr. Shannon Gomez, Head of School  
Elizabeth Guevara '93 
Jim Gramm, P '18 
Debra Graham, P '21 
Maureen Grant '87, P '17, '18 
Alicia Henneberry '93
Sassy Jacobs, P '23
Ginger Loper, P '23, '25, '28
 Natalie Ludaway, P '22 
Malcolm Marshall, P'23, '29 
Jeanne Shriver, P '16, '23 
Claire Slabaugh, P '21
Mark Squier P '23